2022-06-01: Did a little fabrication project to mount my TIG-rod holders. Learned whatever aluminum TIG-welding …

2022-01-10: Got a new toy for the garage. Only after unboxing and putting the whole thing together did I realize …

2022-01-02: After a lot of measuring and head-scratching, I decided to just put the shell with the subframes …

2021-12-30: Been working on my car project more recently, and will hopefully be posting updates here.

2019-09-27: Getting the new phone setup this year was a lot rougher than I remember. Stalled 13.1 update, …

2019-09-25: Several apps I use regularly had their own dark mode before the iOS 13 update, but now use the …

2019-09-25: Zoom offered to fix my audio issue if I “just” typed in my admin password. Hell. No.

2019-09-25: Ugh. Just ran into a UISegmentedControl issue on apps built with Xcode 11 on iOS 13. When setting …

2019-09-21: Decided I would try to fix an old compressor that keeps tripping a breaker if there is any pressure …

2019-09-16: New toy

2019-09-16: They make it look so easy on all the YouTube channels I watch.

2019-08-31: Still some painting to do, but landscaping went in.

2019-08-03: And the masons finished up the stonework around the outside today.

2019-08-03: The inside of the bay is all finished.

2019-07-25: Last sunset at the beach before we head back.

2019-07-23: Afternoon showers interrupted our swim.

2019-07-23: Morning walk


2019-07-16: B-29 FiFi in Muncie today.

2019-07-10: There goes the diet

2019-07-10: Afternoon at the museum

2019-07-10: Subway!

2019-07-09: The yellow face, it burns us!

2019-07-09: Excited

2019-07-09: Battery Park


2019-06-29: First mud is on the walls, and they’ve started putting down the flooring. Windows are supposed to …

2019-06-24: Some pre-launch wood-fired pizza

2019-06-24: We have a room. Now to chill before we head out to bake for the afternoon.

2019-06-24: Made it to the hotel. Waiting for our room to be ready. About a 1.4 mile walk to the beach.

2019-06-24: Our final state line.

2019-06-24: Day 2. Some where in Georgia.

2019-06-24: That ominous darkness in the distance ended up being some of the most white-knuckled driving through …

2019-06-23: Progress

2019-06-23: Road trip to see a rocket launch!


2019-06-16: What it looks like from the outside at the moment. Will really bring in tons of light once the …

2019-06-16: The rain the last few weeks really slowed things down, but the bay is now closed-in.

2019-06-02: Guess they’ve been eating away at this for a while.

2019-05-31: Haven’t been to WWDC or its environs in a few years. Really getting the FOMO this time around. I …

2019-05-26: Working on a little fan control circuit for my equipment cabinet. Waiting on some LM35 temperature …

2019-05-07: Day is not starting out well.

2019-05-05: My silicone leaves something to be desired, but it is back up.

2019-05-05: Some light refurbishment

2019-04-25: Anyone know the thermal impact of a cat sleeping on a closed MacBook Pro per chance?

2019-04-14: I only forgot to run the wires through the back of the box twice before punching them down. 🤬

2019-03-23: Countertops came in this week.

2019-02-28: Skookum hard drive platters.

2019-02-27: The other appliances also got delivered.

2019-02-27: Our cathedral to food preservation getting installed

2019-02-26: Knobs on the cabinets. We also have an end panel on the island that was made wrong, so we just have …

2019-02-22: Good progress on setting the cabinets. Apparently our floors are not very level. 1 1/2” drop from …

2019-02-19: First coat is down. The fumes in the house are a bit overwhelming.

2019-02-15: We have cabinets!

2019-02-14: Can you tell we were meant for each other?


2019-02-09: Checking out our skating rink.

2019-02-09: Kitchen update: they framed out the bay window during the spell of warm weather and got it sealed …

2019-01-26: On that note, we have a Kitchen Aid trash compactor and 30” gas Supra range we won’t be using in the …

2019-01-26: Monday they frame out the back wall for the new bay. Big LVLs for the header. All the ceiling …

2019-01-24: Skating rink is open!

2019-01-22: Always amazes me how much this shrinks during the winter.

2019-01-21: Single pane windows don’t work too well when it gets this cold.

2019-01-20: Sam is practicing rolling around where the new island will go.

2019-01-20: Takes forever, but the print quality on the finest setting is pretty good. The bottom support is a …

2019-01-17: Operations have been moved to the living room.

2019-01-17: They’ve left the sink and stove for us to use, but otherwise the kitchen is all cleared out.

2019-01-11: It definitely opens up the space.

2019-01-10: Can start to see what it will feel like opened up. Lots of tracing electrical runs today apparently.

2019-01-09: Wall is about ready to come down now.

2019-01-08: They started opening up the wall.

2019-01-06: All the German aeroplane silhouettes are done finally. Now the British planes. Albatross biplane. …

2019-01-05: Things are going to start getting dusty this week.

2019-01-03: D.F.W. BIPLANE #affinitydesigner #ipad

2019-01-02: Kristin found this while packing up the dining room hutch.

2019-01-01: A strong start to the year!

2018-12-31: While I had the 3D printer going I thought I would start printing off some CAD models I’ve been …

2018-12-30: New house numbers installed. 3D printed some custom mounting standoffs since the stonework is …

2018-12-29: Things have gotten very ugly


2018-12-28: Someone really likes his wand.

2018-12-28: Ian had company while playing smash bros.

2018-12-27: And that my friends is how you crush your enemies under your heel.

2018-12-25: The FUTURE!

2018-12-25: Merry Christmas!

2018-12-20: Our traditional Pizza King anniversary lunch!

2018-12-18: Aviatik Biplane #affinitydesigner #ipad

2018-12-08: Rumpler Taube Monoplane #affinitydesigner

2018-12-03: And I foolishly thought zone 2 would be a relatively early boarding group.

2018-11-26: More work on my World War I aircraft identification poster. The airplanes are a bit more tedious to …

2018-11-24: Cat and cat

2018-11-15: Thankfully the generator fired up. Unfortunately, my extra gas is on the other side of a flooded …

2018-11-13: Lots of ships to draw still.

2018-11-13: Fonts are currently placeholders until I can figure out the best way to deal with the …

2018-11-13: Started spending more time in Affinity Designer on the iPad. Trying to justify upgrading to the new …

2018-11-13: I was randomly locked out of my iCloud account last night, which is a bit disconcerting. Still …

2018-11-08: Testing out the new mastodon cross-posting support on micro.blog. I’m still not sure where …

2018-10-28: Fountain is shut down for the season I guess!

2018-10-28: My weekend new toy. “Hey Siri, turn the lights red.”

2018-10-27: “Oh my god”