• I spent too much of my weekend trying to track down what this connector type is so I could make some custom extensions.

    JST-PH 2.0 is what I landed on eventually.

    LED Light Strip Male/Female JST-PH 2.0 Headers

  • New Mug Day! The Serpent by Alex Woody from Strong Water in Anaheim, CA.

  • I can already tell capturing non-sendable types in @Sendable closures is going to be the bane of my existence in this legacy code base for the foreseeable future.

  • Xcode 14.1 appears to live build all targets now, not just the active one. I think I like it? Certainly will help me catch unintended build errors later, but results in a lot of extra noise.

  • Did a little fabrication project to mount my TIG-rod holders. Learned whatever aluminum TIG-welding technique I have is completely gone, but at least got a little bit of practice in.

  • Got a new toy for the garage. Only after unboxing and putting the whole thing together did I realize the upper bearing guide was snapped. That is one replacement part for the bandsaw you can’t get from HF. I decided to try repairing it rather than dismantling the whole thing to return it. JB Weld didn’t hold, so got a little aluminum TIG welding practice in.

  • After a lot of measuring and head-scratching, I decided to just put the shell with the subframes installed on the jig. I’ll get everything centered and level, and weld the subframes to the jig, so they are located correctly relative to each other. It will also let me locate the tower-tops.

  • Been working on my car project more recently, and will hopefully be posting updates here.

  • Getting the new phone setup this year was a lot rougher than I remember. Stalled 13.1 update, overlapping dialogs and 2FA popups that were inaccessible, several “Unknown Error” failures, and no automatic number transfer.

  • Several apps I use regularly had their own dark mode before the iOS 13 update, but now use the system-wide preference. I turned dark mode off in iOS 13 because mail looked so bad to me, and was seeing light mode for the first time in a while.

    Turns out I don’t like dark mode as much as I thought.

  • Zoom offered to fix my audio issue if I “just” typed in my admin password.

    Hell. No.

  • Ugh. Just ran into a UISegmentedControl issue on apps built with Xcode 11 on iOS 13. When setting the selection index to noSelection it changes the property, but visually keeps the last selected item highlighted.

  • Decided I would try to fix an old compressor that keeps tripping a breaker if there is any pressure in the tank when it turns on. Replaced the check valve, and the pressure switch, and the thing still stalls out. Disappointed, but happy I took the time to try fixing it.

  • New toy

  • They make it look so easy on all the YouTube channels I watch.

  • Still some painting to do, but landscaping went in.

  • And the masons finished up the stonework around the outside today.

  • The inside of the bay is all finished.

  • Last sunset at the beach before we head back.

  • Afternoon showers interrupted our swim.

  • Morning walk

  • B-29 FiFi in Muncie today.

  • There goes the diet

  • Afternoon at the museum

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